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Office & Vehicle Branding • General Printing • Signage • Binding

High Quality Printing Service

For small, medium and large corporations

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Printing Capabilities
Paper Printing Serices

We have high quality printing equipment with vivid color and speed. We can print up to 50ppm, other services include, bidding, laminating, business card print, wire bidding. Our black and white printer can print up-to 90ppm.

Our Services
What we are capable of...
  • General Paper Printing (All types)
  • Photocopying & Scanning
  • T-Shirt Printing & Embroidery
  • Office Branding
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Billboards & Signage Printing
  • Billboard Fabrication & Installation
  • Specialised Framed Posters (i.e A Stand)
  • gallery-item

    Necor Vehicle Branding

  • gallery-item

    Micro Finance Zambia Office Branding

  • gallery-item

    T3C Outside Billboard

Customised Printing
Everyone is unique & we cutter for them

The printing business is a wide one that is why our combined experience of 7 years in print and media enable us to customize our service to customer specification. From PVC IDs to calendars  diaries you name it. We are able to supply all your printing need within a specified budget to clients satisfaction.

Working within client's budget to fulfill their design needs
Make your next project stand out
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